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Understanding the sequence and different aspects of our work process is essential for the successful planning, execution and realization of your project.  Our goal is to make this process easy and enjoyable.  The following is an outline of what we will accomplish. 




Design & Estimating

The Process

What you need to bring to this meeting:

1)  Rough Project Drawings.  These do not have to be exact or final dimensions, they are only needed to properly evaluate the work and material requirements for your job.  If you have cabinet drawings or can make a rough sketch of the job this is all we will need at this time.

2)  Samples of Cabinets, Flooring and Tile.  The ideal selection of material for your countertops, tub deck, fireplace, etc. is dependant on finding a material choice that is complementary to the other "fixed" colors in the area.  If you can bring in samples of these items, (cabinet doors, tiles, floor samples, ect), this will be helpful in making the best choices for your application.  Every job is different....these samples are not needed, or necessary, in every case.


The Goal of this stage is to decide on a choice of material, surface finish, edge detail, relevant sink & faucet configuration, and other specific requirements that pertain to your job.  Once these items are defined we will be able to provide you with a quote for the job.  In most cases we will then require a 50% deposit to proceed with the material acquisition and scheduling of your project.

This is the beginning of the process where your vision, scheduling needs and budget parameters are defined.  This is usually best accomplished with a meeting at our facility where samples of materials, edge detail and surface finishes are available for you to evaluate.   If you feel that it would be easier, or more productive, we can meet at your site. 



We usually start fabrication the day after the measurements are taken.  At some point prior to fabrication we would like for you view the slab(s) being used for your project.  If your material choice has "movement" and "color variations" we can go over the layout to ensure that we highlight your favorite areas on the slab.



This stage starts with our visit to your site to measure and "template" your job.  In order to obtain accurate measurements all cabinets and support surfaces need to be installed in their final configuration.  The work area needs to be cleared off and free of any objects that will interfere with our measurements.

All sinks and faucets for the job need to be on site. We will also need the make and model numbers of any stove and cooktop that will be used.

If your project is a remodel, and you will be using your existing cabinets, it is possible that we may need to remove the existing tops to obtain accurate measurements and inspect the integrity of the existing cabinets.  If this is the case, we are usually able to temporarily reinstall the old tops so that the area can be used in the time period between measurement and final installation.



Most installations are completed in a single day. Larger, and more elaborate jobs may take more time.  Prior to installation we ask that you clear the work area of any objects and clear a path for the installers to carry in the granite.  Items under the cooktop and sink cabinets should also be removed to allow access. 

We also need the dishwasher to be on site by the installation date.  (We usually need to drill holes on the bottom side of the countertop for securing the dishwasher.)

We will mount the sinks, drill holes for the faucets and test fit the cooktop, but you will need to schedule a plumber and electrician to complete installation of these items.

The remainder of your balance will be due when the installation is complete.

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